You’ve found the writing portfolio of Jennifer Carpenter. Jennifer is a contributing correspondent for Science Magazine. She writes about health, archaeology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology. She also frequently writes for Science Careers about the people and community behind the science.

Her writing has appeared in Science Careers, Nature, BBC News, New Scientist, BBC Focus magazine, BBC Wildlife, and she has made and produced radio for the BBC and CBC. Before going freelance, she worked as a broadcast journalist at the BBC in London and as a reporter for Science.

Jennifer is also an adjunct science professor at the University of Toronto, where she teaches evolutionary biology and science communication.

Before all this, she got a PhD in evolutionary genetics by studying the diseases of fruit flies. She lives in Toronto and is a member of the writing tribe ‘Literature or Chickens’.

Recent appearances and awards


2015 Investigative Science Journalism Fellowship
Association of British Science Writers


How the big bang explains your sex life: The disconnect between science and the media
2013 Darwin Day Lecture, McGill University


Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth
2013 Toronto Science Festival